new's 7x increase in free-to-pro conversion rates
Customer story:'s 7x increase in free-to-pro conversion rates

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Businesses today sit on a goldmine of first party data - across product usage, billing, and CRM - that  sales and marketing teams have limited access to. Toplyne consolidates this data, combines it with third-party data sources, and pairs this data with predictive AI models to accelerate top-line results for sales and marketing teams.
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Accelerate sales and marketing outcomes.

Increase your free-to-paid conversion rates

Convert your product-qualified leads

Self-serve funnels are noisy. Sales and marketing teams find themselves flying blind with no access to usage signals that indicate users’ and accounts’ likelihood to convert. Toplyne’s AI finds free users most likely to convert to paid plans and sends them into downstream GTM tools.

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"The conversion rates on leads Toplyne qualified were 7x higher - that’s huge."
Head of Growth, Murf.AI

Improve retention and drive account expansion

Lift Net Revenue Retention by upto 20%

Toplyne captures signals across who your users are and how they’re using your product and then surfaces users and accounts most likely to grow or shrink - to your account management, customer success, and product-growth teams.

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"We’ve had more users move over to annual plans, which has helped increase our net revenue retention by 14%."
Vikram Chalana, Co-founder, Pictory
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Proactive, not reactive churn prevention

Spot leading indicators of churn

Run automated playbooks to reach users and accounts as soon as they show early indications of churn.

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"Toplyne has helped us cut through the noise rapidly to just focus on high- intent signals. The team is supportive and super quick to respond - we’re talking days, not months."
Amanda Lieu, Director Brand, Product Marketing & Growth, SEON
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Predictive scoring of Marketing Qualified Leads

Move MQLs faster down the funnel

Toplyne combines your first-party website data with third party enrichment to dynamically score leads for your marketing teams.

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"Toplyne allows us to experiment rapidly with various conversion strategies to quickly iterate and hone our GTM process."
Jack Du, Head of Finance, Product Strategy & Ops at Gather Town
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Predictive scoring of Product Qualified Leads & Accounts

1.8x your sales win rates with live PQL scoring

Run predictive lead-scoring based on product usage data to surface product-qualified users and accounts in your CRM - so sales teams can close more deals, faster.

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"Toplyne solves a huge problem for us. Within a few days of using Toplyne, we were able to increase our self-serve conversion rate by 80-100%."
Sanket Shah, CEO & Co-founder, InVideo
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Run lifecycle marketing plays based on product-usage data

Engage, nurture, and support your users with AI-powered GTM touches

Define custom segments based on behavior and properties of users, workspaces, teams, and accounts - and trigger e-mails, in-app nudges, and sales touchpoints to engage your users.

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"FileInvite uses Toplyne to identify people with a profile similar to our existing customers, allowing our sales team to engage with them directly. Doing so has tripled our activation rates."
Brendan Pfahlert, Revenue Operations Manager, FileInvite
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